Therapy through photography.

I know where I could begin, back in my youth around 6 or so... Maybe earlier according to a source. But I'm not sure if I need, should or even want to. What I do need is something I can't seem to obtain here on earth and have stopped trying, but I have not not giving up completely, just being content with what I have and where I am.

Recent events have left me with little options and immediately homeless soon after. Living in my van (since Jan 15th) to the present (June 1st, 2018), updated when I can.

I tried to write stuff, but it keeps getting to be more stuff, to explain the stuff I am in and well... I hate that stuff!!

So instead, without trying to continue pulling on your heart strings, I will first humbly ask for your prayers and, if any, financial help GOD may have laid or you may find upon your heart.

I am a semi-professional amateur hobbyist photographer. All I can do is offer you some images and possible a photoshoot if you are in my area. Whether you share this page, pray, give a gift or all 3, even if you do nothing but read this, take em they are free to download... The images on this site are not part of the Public Domain, I do ask that you respect the basic Copyright Laws and that you do not share them anywhere Online. However, Please point others in my direction if you would. Thank you.

Therapy through Photography

Some of the free digital images are here.  Some more here and then a few more here

And here is a link to a store front I have online.

Photography is a gift GOD gave me. The addictions I had may be gone, but the issues that brought them remain, new ones  being reveled and old ones being healed.

I do have needs; work (which is hard to find being homeless), vehicle insurance, gas (been parked for months), food, toiletries, laundry, hot and regular showers, vehicle upkeep/repairs and eventually a home again. I pray GOD will provide a way, may HE use photography and possible even you to help in my time of need.

I didn't get into photography to make a living.  But if I can struggle less and get by I certainly am willing to try. I have a good working knowledge of my camera and photography in general, but not a whole lot of practice with people.

I am available for photography and other odd jobs, something an out of shape 55 yr old recovering drunkard, addict and smoker can do. (7-10 yrs free depending on the addiction). A heat stroke years ago has kinda limits my work outdoors without shade and breaks, depending on the heat and work involved. Just a day or so would help with my bills and would be greatly appreciated. I'm a Jack of some, but master of none. But I can be a good helper to most.

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I'm a hack when it come to web pages. The best point of contact right now would be leaving a message on my Facebook page.

I am not, nor is this site affiliated with any type of 501c3 status or any other kind of governmental contracts or agreements. All your donations show the generosity of your heart.

No matter the prayer length or the gift given, they are deeply appreciated. Some of which may be directly shared with others I see in a need, but are NOT tax deductible at tax time.

I pray a blessing on those who visit this page. May the One and Only true living God bless you and yours. In the Mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!!!