Free... Full size, watermark free, (IMO nice) images. However, this will be my street corner and my sign on the web.

Best viewed on a tablet or computer. I am not a website builder and I believe Wordpress deserves the credit as I can hardly even keep a constructive, readable, worthy of seeing sentences.

I don't know where to begin and even if I did, I'm not sure if I should.

So instead, without trying to pull on your heart strings, I will humbly ask for your prayers and any financial help you may bless me with.  

Now, at the age of 55, even being clean, sober and cigarette free for roughly 7-10 yrs depending on the addiction. 

Diverse struggles mentally, physically and spiritually still exist and have enhightened in some and diminished in others. The ones I despise quietly remain and the one I want I find a bit hard to obtain.

Therapy through Photography

The free digital images are here.

And this is a link to the storefront, it's where all the work and shipping is done for ya... You will have many options to choice from. check it out... It may give you an idea of the print sizes and or a better look on the phones. 

I am currently located in Deland, Fl.  I am not a pro, nor do I have much of any experience shooting and or dealing with people professionally. But if you would like to get together and allow me to do some photography work for you, I am available...

I enjoy candid photography of people and their faces. I am not really one to take photos of individual people without permission, as I like to respect people and their space, but I have ;) If you have a photography need or want, please allow me to help capture it for you.

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The best point of contact right now would be leaving a message on my Facebook page. 

You may also send your monetary donations or other nonperishable ways to help supplement my needs and maybe the needs of another, can be done through snail mail. Addressed, signed over to and or made out to: Ted Petrovits @ PO Box 3434 Deland, Fl. 32720

I am not, nor is this site affiliated with any type of 501c3 status or any other kind of governmental contracts or agreements. All your donations to me show the generous of your heart, no matter the size and are deeply appreciated. Some of which may be directly shared with others I find or see in a need, but are NOT tax deductible at tax time.