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Terms of usage

These images are copyrighted and are NOT part of the public domain. Please be respectful of my photoArt.

These images may only be used for your personal usage to display as framed art, or placed on merchandise for personal use only. This can consist of mugs, towels, hats, book covers, phone covers, etc... no money can be made or charged for anything that has any of my images on it.

The images can not be uploaded to any site online, with the exception to upload to a printer service. No sharing of the images on social media site of any kind, however sharing of the site is appreciated.

I do humbly ask for prayers to the Father God in heaven and donations if you are willing to and or if you appreciate the images.

I especially ask that you would share my website "takethelenscapoff.com" on your social media network sites. Please help support the therapy I need to grow in spirit and truth.

Experimental...  This image can be printed nicely up to 40.00" x 22.50"

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