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Your help is needed

I am simply asking for prayers and donations  from any that are willing to give it. Likes and shares of the page here and or a like/following on my Facebook would be greatly appreciated too.

However please do not share the images, as I do request prayer by fellow follows of Christ Jesus and ask for help with financial support to begin possibly a start at a bit more therapy.

I am not business savvy or organized enough to do this as a business.

I believe The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, of the kjv bible, gave me the gift of photography.  Basically more as therapy than anything at first... Now it seems I may need it more for my survival or at the very least to help supplement me with my needs...

I am wanting to relinquish the pride I have been holding onto, and am asking for help. I am placing my trust in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY's hands to provide through your kind prayers and donations.


May you be able to soar and reflect through life as graceful and as beautifully as this snowy egret does.
a snowy egret soaring over still waters with an awesome reflection.

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Image size is 3724 x 2095 pixels at 240 dpi.

Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.

Gracefully coming in for a landing

a snowy egret landing with a reflection in the water

Image size is 2953 x 2215 pixels at 240 dpi. Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.

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Follow me on Facebook and see more of my images...

You may also send in your generous donations in the way of cash, (please no checks), money orders, I'll even accept deeds/titles to properties, vehicles and vessels, or anything that is a non perishable item, that includes canned and other food items, through snail mail addressed and made out to: Ted Petrrovits @ PO Box 3434 Deland, Fl. 32720



I am not, nor is this site affiliated with any type of 501 status or any kind of governmental contracts or agreements. Your generous donations are appreciated and shared with others in need if able to and are NOT tax deductible at tax time. (see Mat 17:24-27)